Holidays in Things and Bolivia

Holidays in Things and Bolivia

Holidays in Bolivia are often fast moving journeys, involving long bus journeys and maybe even a few sleepless nights, but if you are a keen and active traveller, this may be a good and ultimately rewarding itinerary for you.Holidays in Bolivia usually include a visit to Potosi, the highest City in the World. Its climates and temperatures are some of the most extreme and its landscapes too. The country, as a whole, has a sort of rustic, dry feel, but as your holidays in Bolivia takes you nearer the equator you also have the tropics, which are filled with thick greenery and fertility. It also has a vast indigenous population, who add character and culture to your holidays in Bolivia, and it has an extremely friendly and welcoming feel.

Other places to go on your holidays in Bolivia:Samaipata is a good place to spend four or five days of your holidays in Bolivia. Swing in a hammock with a good book in the heart of the mountains in this beautiful, quiet village. If you like to keep busy and on your feet, it offers a range of hikes, which are a not to expensive addition to your holidays in Bolivia. The hikes take you to nearby temples, or bird watching, whatever gets you going.Sucre is another good place to spend four or five days of your holidays in Bolivia. This colonial City was to me, the most beautiful in Bolivia. The tall, white buildings and cobble stone streets are a delight, as well as the square where all the Bolivian locals meet for their daily catch make for a lovely backdrop for holidays in Bolivia.There are two ways to get here from Samaipata on your holidays in Bolivia. You can either embark on an over-night bus journey, which is the cheaper option, or you can go back to Santa Cruz and fly. Although a rough ride, due both to the roads and overcrowded bus, its journeys like these which make you realise just how far away your holidays in Bolivia are from holidays at home. On my trip I discovered that the distance covered on this bus ride, on roads in Western countries would only have taken about four hours. On your holidays in Bolivia it takes 12!Uyuni is worth two or three days of your holidays in Bolivia. Its the neighbouring town to the largest salt flats in the world, which are to many, a spectacle. The only way to see the flats on your holidays in Bolivia is to go on a tour, which means you arrive on the flats in the evening. Cactus Island, Flamingo Lake, the hot springs, and of course, the flats are each a stop off on your holidays in Bolivia.

La Paz is worth five or six days of your holidays in Bolivia, it was a fantastic City, not so much for the look of it in my mind, but more for what it had to offer; fantastic markets and shopping, great restaurants, and the main attraction being the night life. You can spend a couple of hours of your holidays in Bolivia on an intense bike ride on the most dangerous road in the World.

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