Which Type of Holiday Can I Go For?

Which Type of Holiday Can I Go For?

Have you ever thought about stepping out of your comfort zone? Most people go for one sort of holiday and tend to find a favourite formula and stick with it. But there are so many different types of holiday out there for you to try. Why not try something you have not done before? Here are some of the types of holiday that people enjoy, including their pros and cons. Do any of them appeal to you?Beach HolidayMany people don’t consider it a holiday unless it is a proper break, a chance to relax completely, do very little and, usually, soak in the sun. On a beach or by a swimming pool, preferably with a drink in hand, this sort of holiday does offer a complete retreat from the stresses and strains of everyday life. On the other hand, perhaps some may find this sort of holiday just a little bit boring after a day or two? And while sitting in the sun may be fun, sunburn could easily become a nightmare if you are too casually inattentive.

Cultural City BreakSome people crave culture on their holidays, and love nothing better than strolling around an unfamiliar city and seeing the sights. Looking around old castles, Roman ruins, medieval market places or baroque city streets can be a fascinating and varied experience. But museums can sometimes and crowded, and a sort of overload of information could leave you wandering from ancient treasure to ancient treasure without really taking anything in. Could you sustain your enthusiasm for information boards for a whole holiday?Activity AdventureAre you looking for excitement from your holiday rather than relaxation? Are you the sort of person who likes to live life to the fullest? Perhaps an adventure holiday skiing, hiking in the mountains, white water rafting, kayaking or cycling could be for you? These holidays offer the chance to get the adrenaline pumping or simply to get out in the fresh air and see nature at its wildest and best. Instead of coming home with extra holiday pounds, you may even lose weight and come home fitter than you were when you went away. For some people, however, this sort of holiday sounds like their idea of hell – do you really have the energy for all that activity? Some people need relaxation and an escape from their busy lives, so an activity adventure holiday may just sound like a bit too much effort.

Road Trip/ TourFor those occasions when one location simply isn’t enough, when you want to cram in as much as possible to your precious vacation time, a tour or road trip may be the answer. Whether you take a road trip by car, your own or hired, or take public transport, covering a large distance can help you feel that you are truly travelling. You can cover a lot of ground and see many different places. On the down side – all that driving or all that time spent on buses or trains.Perhaps the perfect holiday is one that combines elements of all of the above? There are as many different holidays as there are travellers, so get out there, and see what you can make yours.

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