2005 Holiday Hairstyling Tips, Trends, and Keys of the Stars

2005 Holiday Hairstyling Tips, Trends, and Keys of the Stars

Create a super new holiday hairdo that will
turn you into a shining “star.”With the holiday season just around the corner, there’s one question that’s on every
woman’s mind. It doesn’t matter if she’s young or old, married or single, tall, short,
fat, or thin. When the calendar says “Only 25 More Shopping Days ‘Til Christmas,”
women want to know…”How can I style my hair for the holidays?”Be Brave, Be Bold, But Be Sensible
It’s fine to say you want “something new and different” for the holidays. But what
you DON’T want is an unpleasant surprise at the salon.Think twice before you cut once!
(And you thought that was only for tailors!)We’ve all heard horror stories about women who give their stylists very specific
instructions about what they want…don’t listen the advice the hair professional is
offering (usually because it contradicts the client’s “fantasy image”)…and end up
with an unsuitable holiday hairdo. Instead of feeling their best, these poor “hair
victims” end up spending their holidays hiding, rather than shining.Can’t quite imagine yourself with your hair gathered loosely at the crown with
tousled waves flowing down your neck…but like the idea? Wondering how your
super-curly hair would look if it were smooth and straight? Afraid to boldly cut off
your long dresses in favor of a sleek modern ‘do?You’re smart to be cautious. A pixie-cut maybe the perfect holiday hairdo for Halle
Berry, but not for you. And once you’ve cut, or colored, or processed your hair in
some way, you’re going to be stuck with it.

See it… Consider it…
THEN make your decision to cut, curl, and/or color!Don’t Be Scared, Be Prepared
With so much going on at holiday time, the last thing you want to do is worry about
your holiday hairstyle, but you DO want to look fabulous. To do that, you’ll need to
think about your hair before the holidays arrive.A pre-holiday deep conditioning treatment is a must. The oils will nourish your hair
and seal the cuticles. If your hair is healthy and in good condition, it will be easy to
work with. So whether you or a professional are styling your hair, it will be
responsive to being brushed, curled, and combed.Secret: clean, healthy hair in a simple ponytail looks 100% better than dry, damaged
flyaway hair that ‘s been tortured and lacquered into place.The Right Tool for the Job
There’s no holiday hairstyling tool that’s more versatile and more essential than the
curling iron. Curling irons come in a range of sizes, but all you need to remember
is: the narrower the barrel, the tighter the curl.Look for a curling iron with multiple settings. This will allow you to choose the heat
level.Caution: Curling irons are hot like…well like irons…and can be damaging to your
glossy locks. Trimming your hair on a regular basis prevents the damage down by
blow-drying from traveling up the hair shaft.)Fashion Forecast – Going Up!
Hair is definitely going to new heights for the holidays with a trend towards upswept
hairstyles reminiscent of the 1950’s. The emphasis is on soft natural curls and
waves that say, “Caress me” not stiff, lacquered locks that say, “Don’t touch”To get the “up” in your up-do, work with lightweight hair products that create
volume – especially mousses. Make sure that you have bobby pins that match your
hair color and that they’re the right size and strength to hold your hair.A Traditional Style That’s Always Fashionable, Easy, and Sexy
The classic “chignon” sounds French, but it actually dates back to the Greco-Roman
times! It’s sleek, and chic, and magnificent for the holidays because of its simplicity
and timeless appeal. (It’s also appealing because it doesn’t require that you cut your
hair!)The chignon is the holiday hairstyle of choice for fashion icons Kelly Ripa, Heidi
Klum, and everyone’s favorite “desperate housewife” Eva Longoria.Here’s how: Brush straight, medium- to long- hair into a low, tight ponytail at the
nape of the neck and secure it with a rubber band. Twist hair several times to make
a tight rope, with no frayed-out ends. Curl the rope into a bun and use hairpins to
secure to nape of neck.
If “sleek” isn’t in your curly hair’s vocabulary, consider a braided ponytail. When your
hair is wet, work in some styling moose. Then use a hair diffuser to blow-dry
scrunching it with your fingers. Grab hair and braid into loose platte down back.
Secure with rubber band and then cover with a decorative hair ornament.

What Knots!
The complete opposite of the stately chignon is a fun holiday look doesn’t require
that you cut your hair either — urban style “knots,” a randomly placed series of
tightly curled sections.Here’s how: To become a knot-head, divide your hair into 9
sections of equal size, securing each with a clip to hold it out of the way. One by
one, twist a section into a tight coil and then wrap the coil into a tight knot.
This is a holiday hairstyle where decorative hairpins are a must! Use them to hold
each knot close to the scalp, but use them sparingly. We suggest one “decorative”
pin for every three “plain” ones.Is Bling Your Thing?
You don’t have to have big bucks to look like you’re living large. Even with an
“everyday budget”, your bun or chignon can be transformed into a holiday hairdo
that’s modern, sexy, and very, very merry with faux diamonds and other fabulous
fakes!Placing diamond clips and delicate barrettes add a sassy touch of glamour to
hairstyles for the holiday. Pretty, feminine clips and clasps come in a wide variety of
textures and finishes, with ribbons and other charming details

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