National Holidays

National Holidays

National holidays are public holidays designated by the government of the respective country to honor the country itself. It is a day on which the citizens celebrate the nationhood of the country. Besides, the anniversary of a country’s independence, many countries celebrate national holidays in connection with a variety of themes including signing of the constitution, a country’s patron saint’s day, emancipation, revolutions, or any other major event which had happened in that country.No national holidays are celebrated in the United States. But, the United States Congress has enacted a number of federal holidays. All these federal holidays give emphasis to some particular aspects of their national heritage.

Holidays declared by the federal government in the United States include New Year’s Day, President’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday, Flag Day, Independence Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, Columbus Day, and Christmas Day.The Independence Day of the United States, now known as Fourth of July, falls on the 4th of July. Each year, this day is elaborately celebrated with sporting events, fireworks, parades, music, and more. The United States Congress proclaimed the day as a federal holiday in the year 1941.The President’s Day, once celebrated on the 22nd of February, is now observed on the third Monday in February. It was established with the passage of Public Law 90-363 in1968. This legislation moved the legal celebration of Washington’s Birthday from 22nd February to the third Monday of the same month.The Flag Day falls on the 14th of June and is celebrated to honor the country’s flag. Memorial Day, sometimes called as Decoration Day. It is observed on the last Monday in May and is celebrated to commemorate people who gave their lives while serving the country during war.

Labor Day and Columbus Day are observed on the first Monday in September and the second Monday in October respectively.The United States Congress had enacted a Uniform Holidays Bill in 1968. They had passed this bill mainly for the pay and leave benefits of the federal employees working in the United States. Accordingly, holidays occurring on a Sunday is normally celebrated on the following Monday. Likewise, if the holiday is on a Saturday, it is celebrated on the preceding Friday.

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